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About Us
RGB Interactive Digital is a fresh and innovative Ecommerce store provider, we operate several online brands and deliver innovations into some of the largest retailer in the world. Our aims is to stay on top of the latest trends delivering great digital products and solutions to our customers and partners. We have a great heritage in the old world of retail and a true understanding of online and the advances of online ordering. We work with best of breed manufacturers and wholesalers deliver them a retail engine to expose their extensive product portfolios. We have established a reputation for quality and reliability that is able to challenge best of breed Ecommerce providers.
We understand that the key to our success is our customers and so we focus on delivering a simple to use platform, you can build your own online store or ask us for help to get you up and running quickly.
Unlike many other Ecommerce provider we do more than just off an online platform, we also build and create technology for the retail industry and assist them on Multichannel initiatives. Our aspiration is that our service will help you gain happy and satisfied customers who enjoy their online purchasing experience via your website powered by Retail Lion.
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